Thursday, August 11, 2016

a few words about August so far

The following 2 offerings reveal some basic things about the dailybell project that either remind me of why I started doing it in the first place or to illustrate something simple but unexpected that I have come to appreciate.

The first was the significance of cycles and of our personal and communal connections to them—the small daily ones, anniversaries, big cycles of living and dying. My friend Ian reminded me that August 11th was his mother’s birthday. She would have been over 100 had she still been living and there aren’t that many people around these days who would remember her special day. So Happy Birthday Henny! We love you and still enjoy sitting in your old blue chair.

The circumstances of the sunrise by the Williamsburg Bridge at 5:53AM on 8/1 is a fairy common (and potentially frustrating) occurrence and has inspired this month’s Calendar Challenge. How often does anyone actually get to see the sun as it rises or sets? Especially from home. There are usually buildings, trees or something blocking the view of the horizon.

Best wishes as we gather momentum rolling into Autumn--

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